Evaluation of SBHC-School Collaboration

The following survey is being administered in partnership the New Mexico Department of Health, Office of School and Adolescent Health and Apex Evaluation. The results of this survey will be used in a quality improvement effort for School-based Health Centers (SBHCs) in New Mexico. No identifying information will be shared with anyone including your school and the SBHC. We appreciate your time and valuable feedback!
Which school do you primarily work at?
How long have you worked at this school?
What is your role at your school?
What kind of teacher are you?
What is a School-based Health Center?
SBHCs are health clinics in schools or on school campuses. SBHCs are operated by community health care organizations and are independent from the school/district. SBHCs do not replace school nurses and counselors, rather, they work collaboratively with the school system to provide an integrated model of care consisting of at least primary care and behavioral health services at each SBHC which is complementary to school health.

Are you aware that your school has a School-based Health Center (SBHC) on campus ? (this is different than the school nurse)
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